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Help Translate

We would love to add as many languages as possible but we need help from fluent speakers in creating and verifying translations.

How it Works

We use to manage our translation effort. It has a simple to use interface.

Translations are done initially by machine using Google Translate. It's the translators job to select the correct translation and add any fixes as needed.

Translations for an entirely new language can be done in less than an hour for native speakers.

Read more: How to use our translation interface?

How to Join

To join the translation effort:

  1. Register for a free account on
  2. Send me a message with your username and which language you would like to work on.

...and I'll add you to our translation project.

Translation Tips
  1. If the source text is capitalized, try to maintain similar capitalization in the translated text as well (assuming it's permitted syntactically in the target language).
  2. If you see embedded codes such as "%s", {%file} or similar, leave those fully intact in the target translation. These are substitution codes used in the application.

Thanks for helping to translate Password Pusher!